Our Studio

The Yvette Dance Studio of Performing Arts has been serving Cranford and surrounding areas for over 50 years, making it an anchor in the community. Students have gone on to dance in Las Vegas, Broadway, Atlantic City, New York Ballet companies, and more.

Established in 1954, The Yvette Dance Studio is dedicated to the proper teaching of dance in all its forms to children and adults. Our students learn TO dance, not A dance. During our annual demonstration, parents, relatives and friends are invited to a public school auditorium, free of charge, to watch their children perform.

Our facilities are made up of three large dance studios, comprising more than 3,200 square feet of dance space. Additionally, there are

  • two dressing rooms,
  • a kitchen,
  • parents waiting room,
  • and a Homework room.

Yvette's is also the home of Cameo Dance and Fitness Wear, where you can purchase the latest fashion and accessories in fitness and dance wear.