Annual Demonstration

Our type of yearly demonstration is a unique one. It was started by our studio and has proven so successful that other schools around the country have adopted the same procedure.

Parents, relatives and friends are invited to a public school auditorium (free of charge) to watch their children perform, and become better informed as to how their children are benefiting through dance training.

During the time spent at the demonstration, parents are watching their own children perform, after which they are free to leave. For the entertainment of all, there are some advanced groups presented, in order to compare the stages of development that continued dance training could produce.

There are no costly costumes involved, no tickets to purchase, and no expenses. The idea behind this is "Why deprive any child of the advantages of dance education because they cannot afford or do not choose a costly formal recital."

There is no pressure of perfecting one routine and learning nothing else. Our students are learning TO dance, not A dance. Our demonstration is in an informal atmosphere and if mistakes are made, it is quite all right. The students are still learning. We try to show as much of what they have learned during the year during the demonstration time.

When students become advanced and are ready to perform, they are selected to appear in special concerts on a high artistic level. Ballet and Tap students may enter Proficiency Examinations where points and eventually Sliver and Gold Cups are awarded. For those who study all phases of the dance and become high proficient, joining a special group ”The Yvette Dancer” who perform locally, is their reward.

For older students and young adults, our non-profit “Fusion Dance Theatre” is a performing ground. High caliber community performances are presented under the direction of Debbie Coury.

All of the children appearing in the demonstrations have given up something in order to attend their dance classes each week whether it is playing with friends, TV, in some instances Brownies or Girl Scouts, etc. It takes many years of hard work and training to look and perform like an accomplished dancer. They work hard, learn much and deserve your praise. Their new dance abilities will be a great source of satisfaction and pride to everyone.