Class Descriptions

Ballet Beginner, intermediate and advanced at various levels include more advanced barre and center work stressing use of head, arms, body line and placement. Pointe (toe) work added when sufficient strength and skill in ballet is developed. Character work included in all ballet classes.
Jazz and Hip Hop This is a combination of jazz techniques along with the current movements in street dancing. Contemporary music is used in class and students are encouraged to work on their style as well as technique.
Kindergarten A combination of pre-ballet, songs and tap dancing designed to develop rhythm, coordination, learning techniques, grace and limberness which are so vitally important to future study.
Modern The expansion of the ballet using contemporary movements and music. Many styles of modern are incorporated in the class, as well as encouragement of students to develop their own style. Students must take classical ballet along with the modern.
Pre-Dance A program designed as an introduction to dance. The class incorporates rhythm, movement, coordination, musicality, and tumbling along with basics of dance. The session is 8 weeks with the class being 45 minutes in length. Children may wear leotards and tights, ballet slippers, and must be potty trained. At the end of the session, all parents and relatives are invited to come watch the last class to see what the children have learned. The sessions continue from September through June with each one having different class work.
Pre-School A combination of rhythmic activities, story dances, personality songs and a basic foundation in elementary tap and ballet.
Tap Use of entire body is stressed along with foot work in order to develop a sensitive awareness of movement, rhythm and balance giving the student flexibility needed for performing tap routines as well as other forms of theatre dance. Excellent for toning muscles of the legs.
Tap and Ballet Instruction in fundamental ballet barre and center work. Songs and tap dancing for rhythm and coordination included in the same lesson.